Facebook and Google Punished in France for cookie breaches

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Facebook and Google Punished in France for cookie breaches

The French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL) levied a €150 million fine on Alphabet’s Google and a €60 million fine on Meta’s Facebook. Because both firms make it difficult for users to decline internet cookies, this is the explanation.

Accepting cookies is as simple as clicking a button, and rejecting them should be just as simple, according to Karin Kiefer, CNIL’s Head of Data Protection and Sanctions.

According to Reuters, the watchdog claimed that refusing cookies on Facebook.com, Google.fr, and YouTube.com was difficult. The two corporations have three months to comply with requirements and give a simple solution, or they will be fined €100,000 per day for the period they were late.

Facebook declined to comment, while a Google spokeswoman was reported as saying that the business “understands its responsibilities” to safeguard users’ confidence and is committed to making more improvements.

This is the second time the regulator has imposed a penalty on Google. The first occurred in 2020

when Google’s French websites did not obtain visitors’ agreement before saving advertising cookies on computers without clearly stating the activity and its repercussions.

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